We want you to have a wonderful time at Villa Azul and on the island. We hope this information and guidelines 

will assist you to have a safe and happy vacation.


The Villa

Villa Azul is located on the North/West coast of the island set in a half acre beach front property. We offer two main bedrooms with queen size beds and two bathrooms. Also, a third room with 2 single bunk beds and a pull-out bed, perfect for children or teenagers. The fully screened veranda is great for dining and lounging or soak in the pool and laze on the deck while taking in the crystal turquoise ocean panorama that Grand Turk is so famous for. The cool ocean trade winds and sounds of waves lapping only 50 feet from the villa take all cares away while you relax on the front deck with a tropical drink and watch the most amazing sunsets you will ever see.



Inside the Villa you will find everything you need, including: Fridge, dishwasher, microwave, electric range, washer and dryer, Nespresso coffee and expresso machine with hot cold milk froth, standard coffee machine, blender, waffle  maker, juicer, electric citrus juicer, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair dryer, hair straightener, 4 bathroom robes, extra linens, towels, iron, iron board, beach towels, lounge chair covers, beach umbrellas, 2 beach cabanas, 4 beach small chairs and umbrella to take to other location, Igloo cooler, cooler bags for local grocery shopping, 5 lounge beach chairs, 4 pool/deck lounge chairs, outdoor sitting set, patio umbrellas, 2 kayaks, 2 paddle boards, 65’ TV, extensive DVD movie collection, wireless internet, small book selection, Blue Ray video player, indoor Sony sound system, pool water proof sound system, pool toys, snorkeling equipment, small safe, security alarm system, Pack & Play ( accommodates new born, infants or toddlers).


Swimming Pool 

Yes, it is a private pool, just for you and your family. The pool is a large 24,000 gallons below ground concrete, it is the only private pool on the beach on the entire island. The deepest section is 5 feet with steps for easy entry and surrounded by a spacious deck with comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas. Feel free to bring your own inflatable pool toys.


Your safety is your responsibility, so the usual pool safety (common sense) precautions apply:

  • No glass in or around the pool (plastic cups are provided)

  • No diving 

  • Children must be supervised at all times

  • Please rinse your feet before entering the pool

  • Bring all pool toys out of the pool when you done, the wind will take them away· DO NOT remove the pool robot from the pool. If you would like to have it moved, please contact us and we will arrange it.  If the robot is moved out of the pool while the motor still on, it will damage the motor. 


A salt water foot faucet is provided for your convenience outside by the entrance of the pool. Please rinse your feet of all sand each time you enter the Villa or go in the pool.  Sand in the shower and kitchen drains can result in clogging of the pipes. 


Veranda and Deck

A large screened veranda with an outdoor sofa and a table that seats 8 plus people. Great for dining or lounging. The front deck is the place to be for the spectacular sunsets on the ocean.


Pick up your favorite book or a cocktail and enjoy the shade on the day bed or hammock.


Beach Chairs & Cabanas

We provide 5 lounge beach chairs, side tables, a large beach cabana and towels. Please bring all towels in when you are finished using them on the beach. 


Day Trips 

We provide 4 foldup beach chairs, bottle cooler, water cooler, an Igloo cooler and umbrella for you to take on day trips. Please take only designated beach towels to your day trips.



Villa Azul is equipped with a coal Webber barbeque for your convenience.


Polarized Sunglasses

Around 9 a.m. the sun is rising on the east side of the island and before long it begins to illuminate the amazing tapestry of colors in the sea right in front of Villa Azul. These turquoise waters of Grand Turk are the just about the most breath taking ocean images you will ever see. You don’t want to miss that, so bring your best pair of polarized sunglasses and it will make a huge difference on your trip.



Feel free to use anything in the pantry (condiments, cooking oil, etc), it’s there for your convenience. It’s ok to leave groceries in the fridge or supplies in the pantry when you leave Villa Azul. We collect these items and give them to families in need on the island.


Freshwater Outdoor Shower

Sometimes a quick rinse after the beach is all you need before you enter the pool.



A walk on the beach early in the morning can be rewarded by spotting an Eagle Ray or a few Stingrays. They cruise along and feed in the shallows when the tide is high. Also, keep your eyes open for colorful Trunkfish. A stroll along the beach will not result in seeing crowds of people, in fact probably not anyone at all, except maybe a few of the friendly wild donkeys and horses that roam the island. Bring some water shoes for wading around at low tide.



Bring your mask snorkel and fins (we also have some available) because there are some nice patches of reef close to the Villa and plenty of tropical fish to be seen. Several snorkelers have also encountered the harmless and graceful Spotted Eagle Rays right in front of Villa Azul. 


Kayaks & Paddle Boards

We offer 2 kayaks and 2 paddle boards. There is a lot of open water with a nice reef in front of the Villa, and the more adventurous can head along the coast. Please bring all equipment back inside the gate when you are done. The tides change and the water can take them away easily. If any equipment is lost, we will have to charge you for it plus shipping to TCI. Bringing anything as large as a kayak or board to the island is very expensive. Please be mindful.


Scuba Diving & Diving Equipment

Grand Turk is one of the top scuba diving locations in the world and the most beautiful turquoise water you can imagine surrounds the island. Diving here is an unforgettable adventure and suitable for any diver from novice to expert. The dive sites are generally calm, hardly any current, crystal clear and warm, the turquoise blue turns a deep dark blue just a few hundred yards from shore where the wall drops off. Most of the dive sites are on the west side of the island and only a few minutes from the beach by dive boat. A typical dive starts in just 30 feet of water and the reef gently slopes until it reaches about 40 feet then the diver is greeted by the vista of a spectacular wall plunging to the depths. Local dive operators will lead groups or individuals and every diver can cruise the wall at the depth they feel comfortable before a leisurely return to the boat over shallow reefs covered with life. Visibility averages 100 feet or more and the water temperature ranges from 82°-84° in the summer to 74°-78° in the winter.

“McDonalds” dive site located about 800 meters out right in front of Villa Azul was awarded the best wall dive in the Caribbean by Scuba Dive Magazine three years ago. After the dive, Villa Azul offers the convenience of a dive gear rinse tank and equipment hangers next to the outdoor shower. 



Please lock both the French Doors, patio door and veranda screen doors each time you leave and at night while you sleep.  The island is safe but don’t make it easy for petty thieves. 


All Gates

Please close the beach gates when you come and go. If you don’t the donkeys come in and eat all the plants.


Drinking Water

Most people on the island do not drink water from any faucet because it is not treated and we do not recommend it. Two 5-gallon dispenser of fresh drinking water is provided at the Villa upon your arrival. Please see map for location for water refill. Tap water is fine for teeth brushing - It’s up to you. Ice in drinks at restaurants is perfectly safe to consume. 



We recommend you bring with you your favorite snacks or/and some alcoholic beverages up to the importing limit. Basic grocery supplies are always available from a number of small supermarkets but there is no “Wholefoods” around here or anything similar. 



There is no malaria in Turks and Caicos Islands but like most places there are mosquitos on occasions. During a few months of the year around dusk they start to come out and we have screened in the veranda so you can enjoy sunsets and evenings without being annoyed. Of course bug repellant will protect you and we try to always have some available but recommend you bring some anyway. 



Our sheets are the highest quality for your comfort. Additional bed linens and towels are located in the walk in closet. Please help yourself to whatever you need.  Place the used linens and towels in the clothes hamper. Please do not take bathroom towels out to the beach or pool. Several beach towels have been provided for this use. If you need more, please ask. 



Villa Azul has a laundry room with washer and dryer for your convenience. If you decide to do any laundry.(Please do not launder any of the Villa’s beading or towels, we provide plenty of towels and sheets so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s your vacation!) If you need more, please ask.


Air Conditioner & Electricity

Split ACs are located throughout the Villa. Electricity is very expensive on the island. If you have the AC ON, please keep all doors closed. We appreciate your cooperation. If you want to keep the screened doors and windows open and enjoy the Trade Winds, please turn off AC’s. Please turn all AC units off when you know you are going to be away for long period of time. We really appreciate it !


Fire Extinguisher

Villa Azul is equipped with a fire extinguisher located under the sink. We will familiarize you with it upon your arrival. 


Wireless Internet

We offer free Wi-Fi throughout the villa. Password: 2018villaazul.  You can easily stream movies and TV shows from your Netflix or Apple TV account with your smart phone. Make sure you have VPN installed for Apple TV. 


Movies & Books

We have a small library with movies, DVD’s and Blu-ray. Feel free to bring your own movies (especially children’s). We also have several books for you to read while you are here. Take one leave one book policy please. 


Babies, Infants and Toddlers

We provide “Pack and Play”.  It's the perfect place for newborns to rest or play thanks to soft fabrics, breathable mesh. The elevated changing table makes diaper changes more comfortable for both you and baby. The washable pieces which include: dream centre, mattress, and changing pad can be removed in minutes to go into the washing machine to keep baby's environment clean. 


First Aid

The First Aid Kit is located in the main bathroom under the sink. Please feel free to use whatever you need. The only pharmacy on the island is located beside Graceway Market on the main road. 



We provide shampoo, conditioner body wash and hand wash, for your comfort.


We provide Coral Isles SPF 50 REEF FRIENDLY & Safe Sunscreen Lotion - Water Resistant 80 minutes. 

About the product

  • SAFE for CORAL REEFS, HAWAII BAN APPROVED: OXYBENZONE FREE, NO OCTINOXATE, PARABEN FREE- Help prevent reef ecosystem death by using sunscreen without these common harmful ingredients. Coral Isles Sunscreen is friendly towards coral reef conservation and preservation and has not been shown to cause bleaching.

  • BEST SUNSCREEN FOR WATER SPORTS and Everyday Use: WATER RESISTANT 80 MINUTES. Use when, surfing, swimming, SCUBA, snorkeling, snuba, lounging by the beach or pool, kayaking, ocean exploring, diving, fishing, paddle boarding, boating, tubing, water skiing in the sea, ocean,– make sure to reapply at least every two hours and every time you towel off.

  • GLUTEN FREE, CRUELTY-FREE, Fragrance Free, PABA free, Mixed/ Filled/ Packaged in the USA, No Nut Oils, Non-greasy, rubs in like a lotion without a white residual sheen left on your skin. (FDA bans usage of the words “Waterproof” & “Sunblock” but we are the best “water resistant” “sunscreen” out there, for face and body!)

  • ·HYPOALLERGENIC – DERMATOLOGIST TESTED - Coral Isles sunscreens are dermatologist-tested and fortified with aloe to help protect and moisturize skin. They are FDA certified against UVB and UVA radiation.

Coral Isles is made with Globally-Approved UVA Absorber Avobenzone and Globally Approved Octocrylene. (There is no need to be non-nano since we are not Zinc or Titanium DiOxide based; that only applies to mineral sunscreens.) Coral Isles Sunscreen bonds with your skin, absorbing the sun’s rays, so it will not flake off. 



Smoking inside the Villa is prohibited. If you wish to smoke, you are welcome to do so on the veranda but please make sure you use ashtrays (conch shells make the best ash trays).



Grand Turk is a very safe island. That said, it’s never a good idea to carry large amounts of cash with you at any given time.  It’s also safe to walk on the beach at night, just use common sense.


Home Alarm System

Villa Azul is equipped with an alarm system for your convenience and safety. We will turn it on upon request. We will familiarize you with it upon your arrival.

Sentry Safe Digital Lock 

We provide a small safe for you to store some important items such as passports, cash, laptops, etc.



There not a recycling program on the island at the moment. 

We try to minimize the amount of waste that we produce by the doing the following:

  • We supply drinking water in a re-useable 5-gallon dispenser in the Villa kitchen so that people will not need to buy drinking water in plastic bottles

  • We supply cooler bags for shopping to minimize the usage of plastic bags to hold groceries

  • Vegetable and fruits scraps are giving to donkeys, horses and cows. Other suitable organic waste is placed in a composter to be turned into mulch and placed on our garden

Any suggestions on how we can be even more environmentally friendly are most welcome as this is something that we are passionate about.


We supply several tumblers so you can take your water or cocktail with you to the beach or pool and keep it cool.


Non-Villa Azul Guests

We ask our guests to be discerning about bringing non guests to the property during day time. No non-guests are allowed inside the villa after sunset.



There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the villa, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. If you require any housekeeping service, please let us know and we can arrange it at the cost of $120 per cleaning.  We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the villa, with exception of beach towels. Only use appliances for their intended uses. Keep the property and all furnishings in good order.


Pre-arrival Grocery Shopping

If you would like for us to stock up the fridge with a few items prior to your arrival, please send us your grocery shopping list and we will try our best to get the items you have requested. There is a $50 shopping fee.


Nespresso Coffee

Villa Azul is equipped with the latest Nespresso® VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker with a cold or hot milk froth.  Please feel free to bring your own pods.  We also provide a regular coffee machine; we recommend you bring your favorite ground coffee.

Before you Check Out

  • Please make sure all debris and garbage is in trash cans provided or removed to the trash bin outside the Villa

  • Soiled dishes are placed in the dishwasher and cleaned

  • All AC units are turned off


Your 11:00 am Check Out

You’re here to relax, not to clean! Please do not worry about cleaning the Villa the day you are leaving. That’s for us to do.  Again, any food that’s left in the fridge will be given to a local family in need. 


Please WhatsApp or call us 


USA  +1-561-400-1670

TCI   +1-649-246-1282


Villa Azul is located on Grand Turk, the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI




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